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How to Sell to Us

  • Step 1: Call for your Free Insured Diamond & Scrap Jewelry Box. Tell us how much insurance you want on your package.
  • Step 2: Ship the Goods. Schedule a pickup for your Insured Diamond & Scrap Gold Box.
  • Step 3: 1-2 Business Days.
  • Step 4: You Decide to Sell. You decide to accept the offer and get paid, or reject the offer and we will return your goods 100% fully insured.
  • Step 5: Get Paid. Upon accepting the offer we will send you out a check the same day or bank wire the money to your account. Any returns are sent back UPS overnight fully insured and at no cost to you.


3 Ways To Sell To Us

  • Ship to us: Call us for your insured Diamond & Scrap Jewelry box.
  • Come to our store: Come to our office and sell to us.
  • We come to your store: If you have a large volume we can make a trip to you. Contact us with the details.

How We Buy Diamonds - Click here for video

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Proud Members of: